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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

everything made Centrifugal pt. 2

...continued from Part 1...

My phone rang, but I couldn't get to it in time. I recognized the area code, and I knew it was someone at Lifeway (they sponsor Fuge camps). A few seconds later, my phone alerted me that I had a voice mail. I kind of stared at the notice for a minute wondering if they'd leave me a rejection voicemail. (I'll later learn they're not like that, but it's been done to me before.) I thought I'd let the suspense build until lunch, so I could go listen in the privacy of my car.

Then, my boss announced that he was leaving the office for a few hours to do some personal things. I thought to myself, "I'm a multi-tasker. I can listen to this voice mail and type pleadings and letters." So, I did. The message was from Megan. "Hey, Jennifer! Please call me when you get this. I'd like to talk to you about your interview and this summer." Or something like that. My thought: "That's good, right?" (If you haven't noticed, I tend to think the worst of myself despite the fact that because of Christ, I have done amazing things and can do amazing things if I rely on Him. I make fun of myself, but it's serious heart issue, and I would appreciate some prayer.)

So, I called Megan back, and I think she answered the first time. I don't remember if we played phone tag that time or not. Here's my vague recollection of that conversation:

"Hi, Megan! It's Jennifer; I'm returning your call."
"Hi! How are you?" [niceties ensue between us, then we get to business]
M: "I know that you applied for M-Fuge [uh-oh], but [yay!!] I need a Missions Mobilizer at Carson- Newman, and I believe you would be a great fit. Carson-Newman is a Centrifuge Camp which is different than an M-Fuge camp, so I wasn't sure if you were set on M-Fuge. If you are, I can put you back in the M-Fuge stack, and if something opens up, I can give you a call. What do you think?"
J: [speechless for a half a second] "Oh wow. I totally want this." [Thoughts: Holy cow! I can't believe this. THANK YOU GOD!! Whoa. This is huge.]

We talked for a bit longer, and she encouraged me to pray about it and talk to my boss about it and to call her back within a day or two to let her know my decision. As you can tell from my first post, I did accept the position. We'll talk about that tomorrow.

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